3 Khan Academy Kids Features Administrators Love

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By Kaitlin Anselmo Pothireddy

Have you met Khan Academy Kids? Built for your district’s youngest learners, Khan Academy Kids provides research-based instruction across core subjects through an age-appropriate, joyful curriculum.

This week, we talked to Listy Smith, Director of Instructional Technology for South Haven Public Schools, who shared some of the Khan Academy Kids features that stand out to her teams.

District-Wide Data Analysis

With Khan Academy Kids’ web dashboard, educators can wield data like never before. In fact, Listy cites the reporting access as one of the primary reasons her team selected Khan Academy Kids.

“Access to data was huge–the ability for teachers and administrators to track learning journeys was important to us.” With Khan Academy Kids, user-friendly interfaces empower educators to tailor instruction with precision, ensuring every student reaches their full potential.

Age-Appropriate, Joyful Learning

When students learn with Khan Academy Kids, they are guided by interactive characters, adaptive learning pathways, and exciting activities turn every classroom into an adventure zone of exploration and excitement.

“We really liked that the characters weren’t just figures on a screen–each one has a job and has a purpose in guiding the students as they learn,” shared Listy. And she’s right! With Khan Academy Kids, characters like Reya and Ollo guide students’ learning in reading and letters while Sandy and Peck help students mentally transition, signaling that the work on the screen has to do with geometry and counting.

Professional Development That Transforms Practice

“Part of the value of a partnership is in the teacher training and admin training that Khan Academy Kids provides. The team has been very accommodating in adapting training to what we need most,” explains Listy.

The reason our team has a reputation for being accommodating can likely be attributed to the fact that many of us were classroom teachers and school administrators ourselves–we know that one-size-fits-all training is never the answer and we aim to provide wraparound services that ensure our tools is able to be used effectively, and doesn’t just become one more thing on educators’ to-do lists.

Ready to Supercharge Your District?

Are you ready to take your early elementary classrooms to the next level with Khan Academy Kids? Don’t miss out on the chance to revolutionize learning in your schools! Click below to schedule a demo and learn more about Khan Academy Kids!

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