Savvas Realize Learning Management System

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Savvas Realize LMSSavvas Realize LMSThe edtech ecosystem can be complex for educators to navigate, often requiring different platforms for student data and instruction, with tech integration and usability varying widely. The Savvas Realize learning management system (LMS) offers a flexible and dynamic platform that meets all of a district’s needs, from central office tools to classroom curriculum across all grade levels and disciplines.

Savvas Realize is the engine that powers Savvas Learning Company’s many high-quality, evidence-based, and interactive K-12 learning solutions and state-of-the-art assessment tools. The single sign-on platform allows teachers to access everything they need, from standards-aligned content and customizable assignments to rich student data and powerful class-planning tools. Featuring cutting-edge adaptive technology, it provides data-driven insights to help teachers differentiate instruction and personalized, interactive content to foster student engagement, all on one easy-to-use platform.

Unlike LMSs retrofitted from higher-ed platforms, Realize was developed exclusively for K-12 applications. A trailblazer of LTI-A integration, Realize offers plug-and-play interoperability with 30+ edtech tools educators use most, including Google Classroom, Canvas, and Schoology.

Inspired by input from educator users and updated to be better than ever, Savvas Realize delivers even greater simplicity, shareability, and interoperability. The platform’s seamless integrations and time-saving tools give educators faster access to their most important tasks, helping them to manage lesson plans, assist with grading, and reduce paperwork — making for less stress and administrative work and more time with students.

Savvas Realize is a game-changing platform that has been widely recognized for driving innovation and exemplifying the best in edtech solutions. Most recently, Savvas Realize earned a Cool Tool Award (Winner) for “Best Learning Management System” as part of The EdTech Awards 2024 from EdTech Digest. Learn more.

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